If you’re a person with any of these problems, working privately with me would be an effective solution:
  • You’ve tried a bunch of things (physical therapy, doctors, surgery, pilates, orthotics, and other products) that haven’t worked for your knee, hip, back, neck problems.
  • You are in chronic pain
  • Has your golf swing been waning? Do you hurt when you play piano? (Any usual hobbies/activities you love that have become physically unpleasant?)
  • You’d like to walk more and/or start an exercise or Yoga routine, but you have physical limitations.

I have studied a lot of approaches (see trainings) — incorporating movement exercises and my hands on work with you — that can solve your specific set of problems and also equip you with tools to help you gain mastery in your body, keeping recurrences at bay.

If there’s one thing all of my trainings have taught me it’s this: even though you might have a pain in your left knee, it’s really a systemic problem — your feet, hips, shoulders, etc. are in on it. We all have stress and trauma in our lives that soak into the body becoming involuntary and limiting patterns of tension that eventually create pain, injuries and restrictions.

You will learn easy ways of releasing the tension and limitations — things that you can eventually do on your own. Then we’ll gently guide your body back toward its natural alignment so that you heal, strengthen and create ease.

Here’s how our sessions will go:

A typical client who sees me privately usually sees significant improvement in one to four sessions. When we first meet, you’ll get me caught up on the limitations and pain you’re experiencing. Depending on your body’s needs, I’ll do hands on work (something akin to massage) and also show you ways you can work on your own to release tension and stresses on your body, resolve your problems and feel great!

Standard fees for individual sessions:
  • $100 for a single one-hour session.
  • $340 for a package of four one-hour sessions ($85 each)
  • $50 for a single half-hour session
  • $170 for a package of four half-hour sessions ($42.50 each).

Please call 301-275-0880 or e-mail to schedule an appointment and ask questions. Above rates are for sessions held in Gaithersburg, MD. Rates may change for travel and at special events.