Class Descriptions

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Yoga for Real Bodies (formerly known as Living Yoga: Beginning)

A pleasurable approach to Yoga. Alignment and movement adjustments allow you to gain a working knowledge of how to release tension and feel yourself ease into poses. Beginners welcome.

Yoga Challenge for Real Bodies (formerly known as Living Yoga: Continuing)

Prepare the body and attend to alignment so that you practice safely and experience the satisfaction of doing challenging poses with a perfect balance of strength and relaxation. A nice workout for those who are physically fit and already familiar with Yoga.

Work Smart Strength Training (formerly known as Strength & Flexibility)

Work smarter, not harder with a dynamic, whole-body workout. Engage your core muscles in new ways and attend to flexibility and subtle alignment for safety. You’ll leave with a workout you can do at home or on the road.

Gentle Yoga Explorations

Learn how to free chronic muscle tension and stiff joints via movement explorations and Yoga poses that will feel easy and relaxed. We’ll look at how to apply effective alignment to everyday activities to increase your overall comfort and energy levels. Beginners and students with chronic pain welcome.

Adaptive Yoga

Participants in this class include individuals with herniated discs and back pain, chronic pain, MS, and those post surgery and injury. With warm ups that guide participants to ease into poses, students will gain a working knowledge of Yoga and also learn how to carry these approaches over into everyday activities such as walking, bending and lifting. CHAIR POSES: All of our explorations are done sitting in chairs. FLOOR POSES: We explore postures and movements while sitting or lying on the floor.

Yoga for Back Pain

Gentle movement sequences release tight back muscles and restricted joints. Learn how to effectively use your core to protect your back. Directions will include new ways to adjust alignment and distribute movement more evenly throughout the body in order to prevent strain and future injuries.

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