Handstands: from Fear to Pleasure

I have long felt afraid when kicking up into a handstand. I’m not sure why because I actually like being upside down and I’m fine once I’m up. It’s the getting there that makes me nervous.

When I trained with Jay Jones, one of my Yoga mentors, she spotted me one day practicing handstands against a wall. After a few minutes, I stepped back, looked at the wall, and said, “Why does this scare me?” Jay very sensibly replied, continue reading »

Mar 22

Farming in My Kitchen: Resonance with the Real Thing

Rosemary and Harsch Pot

I raise crops: pots of rosemary, parsley and cilantro. I tend livestock: kefir, kombucha, the microorganisms currently fermenting a pot of beets.

I know — nothing to impress a real farmer. But in addition to the usual benefits — providing quality, fresh ingredients — farming in my kitchen puts me in touch with the reality that I eat living beings. continue reading »

Mar 08

Components of Health

Kim's Components of Health Chart

So, let’s say one reason you’re reading this blog is that you are interested in practical and effective things you can do for your health. Perhaps you are proactive: taking steps in advance to reduce your risk of illness and injury. Perhaps something has already happened and you’d like tips for recovery. Or maybe you’d really like to experience full and radiant vitality.

Where do you start? What do you do? Here’s how it makes sense to me.

To support good health, you need to be in right relationship in three main areas of your life: continue reading »

Feb 08

When Trying Harder Doesn’t Work

I once watched a woman damage her car.

It was in a parking lot that alternated pull-through rows and rows with a thin strip of landscaping down the middle. The landscaping is not much more than two feet wide with a cement curb on each side and about 18 inches of grass between the curbs. The woman had parked continue reading »

Jan 25

Sensitive Chaos: Book Review

This is a beautiful book about water: its nature, how it moves, and its relationship with the forms of living creatures. The many gorgeous photos and clear illustrations make visible continue reading »

Jan 18

How to Make a Rola Bola: Tips from Kim’s Dad

Rola Bola

Here are the steps my Dad went through when he made the rola bolas featured in my Rola Bola Christmas post. You will need:

Supplies: continue reading »

Dec 28

A Rola Bola Christmas

Rola Bola in use

I had a lot of fun on rola bolas when they were introduced at a Spacial Dynamics training. I managed to buy a board and some PVC pipe, but I’m not much of a power tools and sawdust girl. It began to look as if I had added to the clutter in our home rather than moved closer to my new toy.

I called my Dad and suggested that we make a rola bola as a father-daughter project when I visited over Christmas. “A what?” continue reading »

Dec 28

Nourishing Traditions: Book Review

This book was my very gentle invitation into the world of Weston A. Price, buying direct from local farmers and delicious, traditional cooking. A friend gave me a copy as a Christmas present. When I finally got around to looking at it months later, continue reading »

Dec 21