Kim Thompson

As a child, I enjoyed physical activities — outdoor games, dance, then Tai Chi and Aikido. In early adulthood, an accident left me with ten years of low back and neck pain. I tried the usual rounds of health professionals, but still had pain. When regular Yoga classes finally brought relief, I began extensive professional training to help me and you and others overcome physical discomfort and limitations through movement.

I have trained in Yoga, Feldenkrais®, Bones for Life®, Sounder Sleep™, CranioSacral Therapy, Balance, Spacial Dynamics®, and more. I draw from these movement modalities to meet the needs of individual clients and students in group classes. Participants in my classes are like me: frustrated by daily aches and pains, tired of having to say no to invitations that involve physical activity because you’re not sure you’re up to it. I provide practical information that is presented clearly so you leave with skills you can implement right away in daily life.

I teach weekly classes for the City of Gaithersburg Recreation Department. I am on the Board of Directors for Pain Connection, a non-profit organization serving people in chronic pain. I participate in Pain Connection Live conference calls, present as part of the Pain Connection Speaker Series, teach Gentle Movement Classes and will contribute to the new Filling the Gaps program. I also give movement and pain management presentations to several area Chinese community groups and Chinese health fairs. Since 2007, I have taught morning movement classes at Wise Traditions, the annual conference of the Weston A. Price Foundation.