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Several years ago, one of my Yoga students said, “Kim, you go to trainings a lot. I’ve got four kids. I don’t have time to get away like that. But if you’d write a book about what you learn, I would buy that book.” The idea stayed with me. Now I’m doing the writing. My intention for this site is to provide information that I pick up from trainings, books, and other researches in my own quest for a healthy and full life.

I know you’re busy. I promise to always provide concise posts of real value: practical tools you can put to work at once, an introduction to resources that might answer a need, a glimpse of a new perspective that might help shift your thinking.

I am a movement educator. I teach classes and see clients for individual bodywork sessions. As my video skills improve, you’ll see a lot of effective tips here for how to relieve tension and how to be more comfortable in your daily activities. In the meantime, you’ll see a lot more posts about other health topics. In general, these are resources I’ve wanted to share with my students for a long time. But I understand that people come to a movement class to move — not to hear a lecture — no matter how much the information interests me. This site is where I’ll hold forth.

I am not a doctor. Information provided on this site is not intended to diagnose or treat medical conditions.

What I will do is flag up information that make sense to me and always credit the source. You can do further research on your own and then discuss your findings with your health care provider.

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