Gabriel Method: Book Review

The Gabriel Method front coverHave you ever tried a calorie-restricted diet? When all was said and done, did you actually gain weight? If so, you’re not alone. Ready to try a different approach?

Jon Gabriel understands that your body is not a machine ruled by the mathematical logic of calories in and calories out. Instead, your body is a living organism steadfastly devoted to your survival.

What’s it like to try that idea on for size? And what does this have to do with diets?

Well, for millenia, one of the common threats to survival has been starvation. If you begin skipping meals and/or restricting calories, your body gets the idea that food is scarce. In times of famine, your best survival strategy is to lower your metabolism and store any extra bits of nutrients in your fat cells — you may need them later.

Another common threat to survival has been freezing to death. Long lasting cold probably won’t kill you right away. It’s just something uncomfortable that has to be endured until it finally ends or until it wears you down and finishes you off. What’s your best survival strategy in an ice age? Create as much insulation in the form of fat cells as you possibly can between your vital organs and the cold air.

If you have the resources to be reading a blog post on the internet, you’re probably not often in danger of freezing. However, you could have other ongoing stressors wearing you down: a job you hate, a relationship or living situation in which you feel unsafe or unloved. Ongoing unpleasantness that keeps you in endurance mode can be enough to kick start your weight gain programming.

Any environmental stressors that contribute to weight loss? Well, yes. Historically, a third common threat to survival is being eaten by someone else. Okay, that isn’t literally a threat that most of face these days in modern cities, but our bodies have been facing environmental threats for thousands of years and there was a long stretch of time when we were did face the danger of being chased, captured and killed. If you are facing the threat of someone chasing you, it’s actually in your survival interest to be lean and wiry. You need to be light, fast, nimble, able to get away to safety.

How to use this little nugget? Well, a built-in desire to be able to get away from scary others means the most effective exercises for weight loss are not endurance activities, but sprints. You can even do this while walking — set out at a leisurely pace for a few blocks. Then walk really fast for a block or two as though you need to get away from someone threatening. Then go back to your leisurely pace again and congratulate yourself for making it to safety.  This part is important, too — don’t get yourself revved up and stressed out for long periods. Make sure to end in a relaxed state of security and well-being.

Think this whole topic is more complicated and interesting than I’ve presented here? Well, of course. This is a blog post not a book. Get yourself a copy of The Gabriel Method: the revolutionary diet-free way to totally transform your body.

Jon Gabriel struggled with weight for years. At his heaviest, he was over 400 pounds. He tried many diet approaches and consulted with many experts. Finally, he realized that his body wanted to be fat and there was nothing his mind and willpower could do to change his weight as long as his body didn’t want it. He set himself the task of figuring out and addressing the real causes of his weight gain. You can download the first chapter of his book and learn more at

Jon Gabriel as he shed weight

What about you?

Have you read The Gabriel Method? Any reflections of your own you’d like to share?

Any other books or approaches to weight loss that you can recommend?

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