Family Tree: My Family at Work


In an aimless word doodle one day, I plotted out my family tree — as far back as my grandparents and including aunts, uncles and cousins. On an impulse, I also made note of everyone’s careers. That was interesting. Here’s an overview of three generations of my family at work:


Classroom Teachers
Special Education Teacher
School Superintendent


Mechanical Engineers
Chemical Engineer
Electrical Engineer

Health Care

Medical Doctors

With only two exceptions, everyone’s work life closely relates to one of the above categories. (Those who have married into the family tend to fit here, too.) Education, Engineering, Health Care. I have long thought myself an oddball at family gatherings — the out-there Yoga teacher in a room full of people with real jobs. But this is not so. I teach people about body mechanics to improve their health. In fact, I am a synthesis of the family interests. I couldn’t be more connected.

I looked a little further: My father worked as a mechanical engineer. From him I have inherited precise attention to detail and a delight for tinkering to make things mechanically efficient in the physical world. My mother worked as part of a support team helping hard of hearing children thrive in mainstream classrooms. From her I have inherited a passion for inclusiveness — making others welcome and structuring activities so that everyone can participate. Could you ask for better foundational traits for a movement educator?

It is a pleasure to bask in the realization that the skills and strengths of my family flow through me. Given my own individual nature and the specifics of my place and time in history, I apply these gifts in areas my grandparents never imagined. What a rich blessing.

What about you?

Any thoughts about your family that you’d like to share?

Apr 26

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